Keywords Research & Competitive analysis

Let Our Experts Get Targeted Best Key-words for Your Niche or Business


KWs Selection is the most important part of a website/store as KWs play a great role in achieving organic traffic and rank. 


The secret to Attracting Right Traffic?


KW intent is one of the most crucial aspects of search traffic. I would find the KWs with the Right intent for your business/niche.

  • Informational / Navigational
  • Commercial / Transactional (Buying Intent)


A KW is Highly Profitable When it has?


Low Difficulty, Low Competition & High Search Volume


What you will get in this Gig?


SEO Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis - They are used for developing a successful SEO strategies in Google Ranking that can boost your business or website! 


In Keyword research - I will find Manually, relevant KWs with high search volume and low KD. 


In Competitor Analysis - I will fetch Ranking KW's of competitors


We will get you Market competitor(s) top ranking KWs related to your niche so you can generate more traffic and profit on your site.


We use paid tools

UbbersuggestMOZ, SEMrush, and Ahrefs to provide the most appropriate top-notch quality work.


How You Will Get:


  • Excel-sheet with long-tail & intent targeted KWs
    Company Competitive Analysis
  • Product/Service Competitive Analysis 
  • Positioning/Branding Analysis
  • BusinessStrategy Analysis
  • Compare against Industry Standard
  • Industry Analysis(Porter's Five force, PESTLE,etc)
  • SWOT Analysis
  • All kind of Business Research
  • Company Profile Business Presentation

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